Educational Resources

We are pleased to provide viewers of Arc of Justice with supplemental resources to make the most of your screenings. In this section of the website you can access and download a Viewers Guide with questions and background information to help lead discussions about the film; The Backstory which provides more in-depth historical context for the events that are part of the New Communities story;  a list of related films and further readings; and a film flyer to help promote your screening.

Facilitated screenings and workshops about community land trusts are available through Burlington Associates. Please contact them for further information.


This viewers guide is designed to provide discussion leaders with additional information about Arc of Justice to help deepen the viewing experience. It includes a film synopsis, tips for planning a successful screening, discussion questions, short biographies of the main characters, and a chronology of events related to the history of New Communities.

The Backstory provides both historical context and additional information about places, events, and people that are part of the on-going story of New Communities.

Here is a list of related films and further readings about community land trusts, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Albany Movement, black land loss, and New Communities.

The flyer can be used to publicize your screening of Arc of Justice.  Import it into your graphics design software to add your screening information or print out a 2”x4” label with that information and add it to the flyer.